Why Choose Us?

We are an established family run business since 2011, with a client base covering Dundee, Tayside, Angus and Fife, and 20-30 miles surrounding area. My wife and I are both Horticulture graduates, with a real passion for soft landscaping and gardening. This led us to pursue further studies in Plant Science, with an MSc from University of Nottingham and a PhD from Royal Holloway, University College London in the case of my wife and a MRes from University of Dundee for myself. In the future, I aim to complete a Diploma in Garden Design from KLC, School of Design, London to provide an even higher level of expertise for our clients’ garden design projects.

We are fortunate to have a good, passionate and qualified team around us that enables us to implement our vision and meet all your gardening requirements. Members of our team are on course of achieving a Level 2 in Park and Gardens from Quest Scotland Training Centre in collaboration with DA College, Dundee, whilst I am qualifying for an Assessor award from the same institution. I feel this ensures that all of us adhere to the highest standards in our profession and ultimately deliver the best service the client requires.

We are continuing to grow our team and business, so we would be happy to receive your recommendations!

Yours Sincerely, Ionut Pasare

Why Us?

Your gardening requirements are of utmost importance and central to our focus is our client’s satisfaction. We vow to offer a free, initial consultation with one of the team managers or our director to establish the best approach to meet your gardening needs.

Respecting our Client’s Needs 100%
Professionalism and Expertise 100%
A Complete Service 100%