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We are passionate about giving you quality soft landscaping services. Our prices are very competitive and our client’s satisfaction with our work is of the highest importance (please see our testimonials page). We work with a variety of residential and commercial clients, maintaining around 180 gardens in the Tayside and Fife area. Our new garden design service ensures we meet the demands of our clients who either start with a blank canvas or require a garden overhaul.


Keeping the client’s needs in mind throughout the soft landscaping design and completion of their garden.

Over the years we have designed an array of gardens, of various sizes and purposes. They were all executed in a most professional and timely manner. It was imperative to have a good understanding of what our clients wish to achieve and to offer plenty of creative ideas to facilitate it. Also, we collaborated with trusted associates to complement our work, if required, in order to fulfill any additional requirements of the projects.

If you have a mature garden, or a black canvas and you do not know what to do or where to start with designing your garden, then please be in touch and we will be happy to assist you in delivering our best expertise for your gardening project.

Our aim is to provide high standards of work in a wide range of gardening services, so you can rest assured your garden is in great shape every season. Spend more time with the loved ones in your new, relaxing garden! We are available for either one-off seasonal gardening tidy ups or regular jobs throughout the year. Whether you are looking for jobs such as grass cutting, trimming lawn edges, maintaining borders of any sizes, planting most types of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, weed killer treatments for patios, drives and other areas but also ground clearance, we would be delighted to assist you as well. Also, if we are asked we will happily remove the garden waste away for a complete service. We serve the Dundee, Tayside, Angus, Fife and Perthshire areas, so if you have enquiries, please contact us.

Our professional and knowledgeable team, with a fantastic Horticulture background, will help you assess and deal with a wide variety of pruning techniques and ways to making sure that these jobs are carried out at the right time of year, to provide a great finish and sustain optimal development of your plants!

Do you love topiary? So do we, and you have our promise that any overgrown, untidy shrubs, hedges will be professionally pruned into perfect shapes, in order to provide structure, height and eye-catching screening in your garden.

Starting from early Spring to late Autumn and throughout the winter (weather permitting), our team is happy to suit your requirements and provide you with regular tidy ups for your garden, so you can truly enjoy your garden.

Twice a year is ideal to prune most shrubs and hedges, in order to avoid any untidy or misshapen forms, so feel free to contact us for a free quote!

As very passionate gardeners and horticulturists, we care and nurture all gardens! Private or residential garden, it will get the excellent care and attention it deserves. By pruning and feeding the plants at the right time throughout the season, we ensure that all standards have been followed in order to prolong the gardens looking fresh and attractive all seasons, year by year.

Do not take our word for it, please be in touch here….contact us for a free estimate.

Our expertise and knowledge in Horticulture gives us the edge to deal with all aspects of pruning and nurturing trees of any types, ornamental and fruit trees of up to 10-15 feet in height.

Generally, we operate tree reductions and shaping them to perfection so this will put less stress onto higher trees in dealing with high winds and other weather conditions.

Pruning fruit trees is timely performed when you choose our team at Flora Gardening. This gives the trees an open shape and a good opportunity for improved ventilation, as well making them less prone to pests and diseases. We also offer a spraying treatment on any fruit or ornamental trees for our private clients. Thus, please feel free to contact us for a free estimate!

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